Select your debt pay-off method

Snowball Avalanche

Snowball method sorts debts by lowest to highest balance

Avalanche (or Stack) method sorts debts by highest to lowest interest rate

Avalanche is technically the most cost-effective method because you end up paying less interest overall. This isn't as much of an issue if all of your debts have low interest rates or if you're going to be paying them off quickly

While Snowball isn't the most cost-effective method, the psychological benefits of closing off accounts are well-documented and for most people, this is the best way to keep motivated and focused on your goals (hence, the snowball effect).

Snowball was popularised by Dave Ramsey and the Harvard Business Review has recently noted that the Snowball method is the best strategy for paying off card debt. You can read that article here:


Debt Destroyer was created by Luke Boyle. Many people have a hard time seeing a light at the end of their debt tunnel. This app gives accurate visualisations to show people that they can be debt free with their current budget.

To report an issue, visit the Github repo at


Debt Destroyer does not send or store any personal data. Data is written to the URL bar and will disappear upon leaving the site. You can share your graphs easily or bookmark the URL for your reference. If you are using a shared computer or you are worried about your privacy consider using an Incognito/Private tab. I will never store/distribute information.


Currently planned upcoming features:

  • Sharing your debt state (v2.0)
  • Saving images of your graphs (v2.0)
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